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The boundaries between barrios are informal and not marked. [8] Quezada's departure from original ancient styles and with a large number of people now working on the pottery, further innovations have occurred. A number of husband-wife teams developed who formed their own signature styles. Led by Juan Quezada, the entire pueblo of Mata Ortiz creates outstanding handmade, coiled pots or ollas, following centuries-old methods. Read More About: May 14, 2013 - Mata Ortiz pottery is the recreation of a pre-Hispanic pottery found in & around the archaeological site of Paquimé in Chihuaua, MX. While not the only American to promote the pottery, he has been the most dedicated, publishing a book about it in 1993 called The Miracle of Mata Ortiz and regularly writes and lectures on the subject. In the early 1960s, he was a very poor farmer who also collected firewood in the area of the Paquimé archeological site. By the mid 1970s, Quezada was selling his pottery and teaching family and friends to make it and the pottery was able to penetrate the U.S. markets thanks to efforts by Spencer MacCallum and later Walt Parks along with Mexican traders. Mata Ortiz has become one of the most famous villages known by fine pottery collectors. Mata Ortiz pottery with sgraffito Mata Ortiz rebirth : The revitalization of Mata ortiz into a pottery centre is good story. Top Rated Seller. The pottery is extremely thin-walled, and highly symmetric. To return home, click: Click on a picture to go to a page with more details on the item. Quezada learned on his own to recreate this ancient pottery and then went on to update it. Quezada learned on his own to recreate this ancient pottery and then went on to update it. Research 3,830 Mata Ortiz Pottery prices and auction results in Home & Garden. The pueblo has a population of approximately 2,000 people and is within the municipality of Casa Grandes in a wide fertile valley, which has long been inhabited by indigenous people. COLLECTOR POTTERY. The unique style of Mata Ortiz pottery has been quietly gaining a strong following within the collector and fine art worlds. Quezada learned on his own to recreate this ancient pottery and then went on to update it. Sort by. Mata Ortiz Pottery. And I none 'em sweating and stealing, a year and a half behind." [6] This culture reached its peak around 1400, with evidence of its influence hundreds of kilometers from its center in present-day Chihuahua state. All product is sourced directly from a reputable dealers and artists with specific expertise in their subject areas. Jan 25, 2015 - Exquisite handmade pottery from the village of Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua, Mexico. Regular price $150.00 $150.00. He traveled through northern Mexico, showing photos of the pots and asking if anyone could tell him who had made them. Juan Quezada is the self-taught creator of modern Mata Ortiz pottery. This deposit happened to be on Quezada’s property but despite this, he allows other pottery to take advantage of it. Mata Ortiz Marbleized Clay Seed Jar by Losevo Ozuna . The two men finally met in 1976, as Quezada was working on an order for 250 pots for a store in El Paso. Nov 7, 2017 - Explore Carole Davenport's board "Mata Ortiz Pottery" on Pinterest. The effect prompted her to experiment. Mata Ortiz pottery is a recreation of the Mogollon pottery found in and around the archeological site of Casas Grandes (Paquimé) in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. [4], One critical element to the development of ceramics in Mata Ortiz is its proximity to the Paquimé or Casa Grandes archeological site. They associate the craft with money and status, prompting many to become craftsmen full-time. The fortunes of the town have gone up and down over the years with a real economic slump happening after the local railroad repair yard was relocated to Nuevo Casas Grandes in the early 1960's. Lydia Quezada is credited for the black variation. All product is sourced directly from a reputable dealers and artists with specific expertise in their subject areas. Mata Ortiz Pottery Trini Silveira Brown Clay Black Triangles Mexican Fine Art C $113.02 Mata Ortiz Pottery Trini Silveira White Clay Precise Triangles Mexican Fine Art [1][4], The formation of the vessel is done without a potter’s wheel; instead it is a kind of wheel throwing making them essentially pinch pots. However, they are generally based on Quesada’s single-coil method, using the gray, yellow, orange, red and white clays from the area just as those in Paquimé did. Hola Amigos, I began to get involved with the Mata Ortiz Pottery in the late 1990's, first starting as a translator for groups of visitors that came to the village and to Juarez City, where I first opened a coffee/gallery "Chihuahua Crafts Café Galería" in the year 2002 until 2004. Later, we would discover the smoke came from small open kilns where finely decorated pottery was being fired, one or two pieces at a time. I have been a huge fan of Mata Ortiz pottery ever since I learned of it quite a few years ago through a children’s book about Juan Quezada Celado, one of the first Mata Ortiz potters. 10 were here. [2][9], By the mid 1970s, Mata Ortiz pots by Juan Quezada were selling for several dollars apiece including to traders from El Paso, prompting him to teach the craft to his brothers and sisters. [8], They taught it to the next generation and then to friends and neighbors. It's named after the town of Mata Ortiz which is near the site & where a man named Juan Quezada discovered how to recreate it.

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