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Many owners have to seek a special policy for coverage liability protection where their pet is concerned. A Texas woman died on Saturday after she was “attacked by her two pit bull terriers,” police said. He was headed down the road that leads to his livestock when he saw the dog. Pit bulls contributed to 66% (346) of these deaths. Every time I see those face-slurping pitbull photos I want to wretch. Kassandra Allard-Morin insists her pit bull is not dangerous. In this case, the facts are clear. Colleen, Thanks for all the excellent research on this travesty. Tweet Share on Facebook. Once again murder dogs gonna murder. The littermates also had to be sold as a "pair.". Put bull “haters” generally don’t want to be anywhere near someone’s pits, much less coming into their home, letting them out of crates and beating them up. Residents told news outlets that she often walked her dog on the rural road and the dog was usually muzzled. . When does Evil yield to Truth and Love? I hate to think what other pics are on her hard drive. I’m not her friend any longer because I don’t want to be around her dog. Starting to grow a big head, just like I told him his one job is." This is the too-often fatal belief of people who own pitbulls/powerdogs and know they are unstable…that somehow, being dragged around by them a few yards away from people is, in their fantasy world, “doing right by everyone and the dog”. "They meant so much to her," he added. UPDATE 06/30/20: On June 30, 2020, a commenter left a link showing when Megan Milner purchased her two pit bulls -- less than four years later, one brutally kills her while she was taking it for a walk. The sheer volume of Pit Bull attacks have prompted many insurers to deny coverage associated with homeowners insurance. 224 and it was confirmed deceased.”. Taking on her son’s abandoned dog was bad enough, but to actually look for trouble by adopting it? And you tend to see it more with people who own bully type dogs. Hope all the virtue signalling was worth it as the “dog” was killing her. It should be obvious from the injuries that it was a mauling attack. There are indeed enough statistics on this breed killing its owners, family members, strangers, livestock, pets with absolutely no provocation. About an hour-and-a-half later, the attacking pit bull was discovered dead after being run down by a vehicle. Everyone loves their pits until it kills them, literally." As their inferiors. I hope their injuries don’t force disability retirement on them. In October 2016, Mega Built Bullies stated on their website, "Welcome to the Home of Mega-Freak-A-Bulls." The environments (the fighting pit, the baited bull, the escaping slave) for which these behaviors were selected as an adaptive response are so extreme that in fact there is no appropriate context for these behaviors in normal life." But Martin does not know this -- no one does. She had taken one of her two pit bulls for a walk outside of the village. Streatch said the death had “rocked our community . I’m glad it was only the owner who was killed and not an innocent neighbor. Pit Bull Described as 'Mild-Mannered' Brutally Kills Female Owner During a Walk in the Province of Nova Scotia Mark Taylor ran over a dangerous pit bull after it killed its owner in Nova Scotia. Megan Milner, 38-years old, was mauled to death by one of these two pit bulls in Nova Scotia. A pit bull is a powerful dog. They believe that only pits are ever abused or neglected. Steve Streatch, who represents an area known as the Musquodoboit Valley, says local residents have told him the woman was walking the dog on a local road in Chaswood when it turned on her. Toronto Star articles, please go to: www.TorontoStarReprints.com, The Toronto Star and thestar.com, each property of Toronto Star According to neighbors, the victim loved her pit bulls, and knew that at least one of them was aggressive. One person is dead in what police say was an attack by a dog on its owner. Megan Milner purchased her pit bulls from Mega Built Bullies in 2016. (sarcasm) Anyway, guess what her glowing testimonial to this agressive dog’s memory included not just once but several times? In 2020, one killed her. Steve Streatch told the Star of the incident in the Middle Musquodoboit area, north of Halifax. All Share this article: Share Tweet Share Share Share Email Share. The 2016 website of Mega Built Pit Bulls, where Megan purchased her defective XL pit bulls. I don't know how to describe it, it was surreal," he said. That is it’s instinct. So I’m not at all surprised that they want to punish the man who killed this murderous dog. Dogs only slurp another dog *that’s inferior to them*. Excessive licking as she described isn’t a sign of love and devotion, it’s a sign that the dog/human relationship is totally out of whack. 16 Apr 2019 3 257 557; Share Video. Pretty much falls under everything from “Good Samaritan Laws” to “protecting the public safety”. Mark Taylor is a small town hero as far as I’m concerned. I had the exact same thoughts regarding this case, I didn’t read the comments before posting! That dog had and continues to have aggressive behavior. Eventually, he caught up to the dog. There is a reason why jurisdictions in 53 countries regulate this dog breed. Even The Horse Showed It's Sympathy For … Milner was killed by one of her pit bulls, while taking the dog for a walk. https://scontent.fphx1-2.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/106187884_3053939671363504_4390652716064630706_o.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_sid=dbeb18&_nc_ohc=uWPKYcTtUVIAX9RkPip&_nc_ht=scontent.fphx1-2.fna&oh=6f5267e8c5548d1ff4c899917f4ca781&oe=5F2176E0. By Shellee Geduld. People confuse this for dog “kisses.” In actuality, dogs lick people’s faces because they are food driven. Those are the grim facts, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. 06/10/20: Pit Bull Kills Female Owner I see a lot of people reading hyper, insistent licking – often with a lot of direct body contact – as a cute, loving gesture when it’s really not. It can be a loving gesture from a dog to a human, but that’s a specific sort of situation. A large leather dog muzzle can be seen. The pictures say it all. What demented, convoluted thinking they have! Over the 15-year period of 2005 to 2019, there were 75 owner-directed attacks that ended in death. Concerning this case, I am glad it was the owner who died and not an innocent. I agree. Pit bull owners routinely make devastating choices that result in people and pet dogs being severely mauled or killed. The other that turned on its owner was always mild-mannered and well behaved, he said. Documents obtained by CTV News reveal that a dog that killed its owner in the spring had shown violent tendencies. Yet, for some reason, pitbull nutters seem to think that this proves their dog “loves” them. We are still waiting for the French authorities to confirm her dog is the culprit…. This breeding pair session produced one fatally attacking pit bull and one aggressive pit bull in the same litter. A pit bull attacked and killed his pregnant owner in a Pacifica, Calif. home. Does everyone understand that MBB is breeding for size, not temperament or health? However, that clearly indicates that they were obviously problem dogs; even the alleged ‘mild mannered’ killer. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. That group is AWESOME. After doing a search online, I see it is more of a patchwork in Canada. The lady’s a lunatic who fabricated this story to pour fuel on the pro-pit lobby. There is no appropriate context for these behaviors in normal life. https://atlantic.ctvnews.ca/woman-attacked-and-killed-by-her-dog-in-middle-musquodoboit-n-s-1.4975861?cache=vpwzeytrnkqkdl, Your email address will not be published. I think the ‘mild mannered’ one was only slightly ‘better’ than the known aggressive one. rights reserved. Yes, absolutely. That’s not “love”–it’s a form of establishing hierarchy and maintaining pack stability with an inferior dog that’s expressing instability. I know it’s gross, but we all have to remember dogs are animals. Like the other poster said before me, no one would break into someone’s home just to “beat up” their pets, especially not if they’re several pitbulls as that would be highly dangerous. "I'm glad I came across the dog and took care of it because it really bothered me to think about what else could have happened to the people that didn't know this was going on, so I'm very thankful," Mark Taylor said. Why is that murderous dog being kept alive at taxpayer expense? Basically it doesn’t show that the dog loves the owner or whatever, it’s a sign that the dog is not relaxed and calm. Combined, pit bulls and rottweilers contributed to 76% of the total recorded deaths. A dog savaged his owner to death after he suffered a seizure and fell out of bed. Why? People love to repeat the same mistakes over and over. An Eltingville couple's dog was brutally killed by a passing Pit bull being walked by a grade school child on Mar. 0:14. German shepherds, boxers and mastiffs followed, each with 4 deaths. A pit bull attacked a Siberian husky in front of horrified judges during a pet show in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There’s this idea that somehow, a human can control a powerful animal on a harness or flat collar and a lead and that’s good enough. What is always true is that when stimuli is known before the attack, it is either minor (movement while sleeping, taking away a treat or a baby in a bouncy chair) or at worst, moderate (the clap of thunder or a domestic family dispute). Pits aren’t given the luxury of simply being simply a dog. Tags: fighting attack pitbulls owner. They were bred as killers and they will, when instinct permits, do exactly what they are instructed to do. Of course, with the world pandemic it will take forever to prove what we already know to be true. She went on and on about how this dog she had only had for 7 months had “saved her” and was her “everything” and how much she missed him. And if it had been caught, you know there would have been a fundraising effort to save its life and send it on to be placed in another home. If the underdog attempts to leave or to object, it may well get bitten. Actually licking the face is a sign of appeasement – you will sometimes see dogs doing this when one of them growls / snaps at the other, the other dog may try to appease the growling dog by lowering themselves and licking the face. Leashes and collars are *containment* but they are not *control*. DC firefighters had to hold down 2 attacking pits so they could fight a fire. BTW, the picture of those dogs licking her is repulsive to me. So that not only answers my question about her muzzling her pits — it proves that THIS restraining method (like walking the pit on a leash) IS NOT FAIL SAFE…Neither is driving outside the village…That only leaves us with a state of the art, zoo keeper grade tiger compound…If even THAT is FAILSAFE…, This story reminds me of Elisa Pilarski who died this exact same way, walking her muzzled pit, last November in France. That dog aggressive dog died and she got another. HALIFAX — The victim of a deadly pit bull attack in Nova Scotia on Tuesday morning was also the dog’s owner, according to a local councillor. This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. She used a very odd wording to say he “filled me up” with doggy drool (I assume she meant her mouth, hopefully). They don’t even have the good sense to muzzle them (which doesn’t hurt/bother the dog if done properly) in case the dog breaks away. 16. Her last public Facebook post was on June 5. Coun. https://globalnews.ca/news/5739212/dog-killed-by-pack-of-dogs-olds-alberta/, The dog who participated in the killing of Jake: Why do people insist though on adopting these monsters? I think the man who hit this dog with his vehicle would have been better off disappearing after he killed the dog. That does not work either, for most all dangerous canine deniers who will fabricate absurd scenarios to blame the victim: She had a seizure, fell on the dog, etc. After all, you wouldn’t go out of your way to walk your dogs like that unless you knew there was a problem with them being around anyone else. Just like no one knows what Darla Napora would have opined about pit bulls after being killed by her own. This animal knows that at any moment it’s going to kill and kill it must. People who are in denial about dangerous canines are shocked out of denial. Police found two pitbulls "eating" their 22-year-old owner after she was savagely attacked while taking them for a walk. That is all they are selecting for too. “The dog’s owner was somehow attacked, and lost her life as a result of the attack,” Coun. And when you go on and on about his deep wet tongue kisses as if you’re describing a human lover, you’re just delusional. MOST POPULAR. According to the neighbor, he and several other community members saw the other pit bull pin her down before she escaped unharmed in the past. He probably saved people from mauling or even death. Recently, Bronwynne Conrad Martin, a friend of Milner, claimed to know what Milner would want following her death. It’s a lack of a dog understanding the relationship between human and dog. Police received reports of the attack shortly after 8 a.m., according to Cpl. Yet, it was not the problem pit bull that killed her. Over the last 15 years, over half of all fatal pit bull maulings (53%) are attacks inside the home, when the dog kills its owner or other household member, typically the owner's child, parent or grandparent. But Brandau says attacks on a dog’s owner are extremely rare, even for pit bulls. Other dogs will generally not tolerate it. LiveLeak video- Close call when 2 pit bulls try to get child away from his mom… 12 Pit Bull attacks on Staten Island… Video: Pit bulls run into yard and attack dogs… Nothing wrong with a light slurp *with permission or on request* from a dog–plenty wrong with letting a dog slurp your face like you’re a plate of tuna juice. He’ll never be charged with running over the dog. - Commenter Ezekiel Roberts. Yet, her "well-mannered" pit bull fatally attacked her. The pit bull littermates were at least 4 months old when they were shipped to Nova Scotia. People online are saying they think a bear killed her. Community members said the victim would deliberately walk her dogs outside of town, to be away from residents, as was the case on the day of the attack. 05/05/09: Alexandra Semyonova: Heritability of Behavior in the Abnormally Aggressive Dog. Thus, the act of killing by pit bulls is always a disproportionate response. The misinformation and the stupid comments on how she may have provoked the dog flow on the forums, as usual. However, the organized pit bull people are so inclined to defend the dog over its dead owner that admitting he hit the dog could present problems for him. The fact that she walked both dogs seperately out of town away from residents actually was a smart choice to keep people safe. These animals are not to be treated as pets. Mega Built Bullies The useless device was found near her body and the one of her unborn child. This is a animal bred from the ground up to attack the human, the livestock, the other dog; Anything that it deems is necessary. WASHINGTON – D.C. firefighters saved the day Thursday when they threw their bodies on two dogs who were attacking people while other members were fighting a fire in Southeast. They come in four separate "varieties" separated by height only. Just a few weeks before the vicious attack, Milner posted a photograph of her two pit bulls near a vase of flowers. Your email address will not be published. Glad the dog is dead! Afterward, Kimbo's owner, a California breeder named Gustavo Castro, came under fire because Kimbo was widely known to "throw" (pass down) human aggression to his offspring. About 3 kilometers from the attack site, a driver intentionally struck and killed the dog to prevent further injuries. - Animal behaviorist, Alexandra Semyonova, Pit Bull Described as 'Mild-Mannered' Brutally Kills Female Owner During a Walk in the Province of Nova Scotia. I hope Mark Taylor does not get any backlash for putting down the mauler. I ain’t even care at this point. It has to stop. It’s also something dogs who are over stimulated or fearful will do as a displacement behaviour. LiveLeak video- Pit Bulls are the Official Dog of MAYHEM. There was an interesting story from 2019 that ended 2/2020 about a guy who went to court over his pit mix and his town of Clarks Harbor, NS town having a ban on the breed. Part of the problem is that the owners are not being held accountable. These Crazy folks in Nova Scotia on the “PITBULLS Truth & Justice We are their voice!” site on June 15th made a petition to have the hero who stopped this rampaging killer pit charged with Animal cruelty. On November 8, 2016, Mega Built Bullies, a British Columbia-based breeder of "exotic" pit bulls (American bullies), congratulated Megan on her two newest "MBB family members" from a Tonka and Camo litter. Star Newspapers Limited and/or its licensors. And yet…AND YET…the boyfriend (father of unborn child) continues to deny and protect this useless, vicious animal in spite of all the evidence. We also participate in programs from eBay, CJ, Clickbank, ShareASale, and other sites. They never do seem to care about the human victim. Yes, “dragging” the so-called owner. They are sitting there talking about how scared the poor dog must have been as he ran it over. What I see in these slurp videos is a dog, paws pinning the human, and slurping its’ inferior. to colleagues, clients or customers, or inquire about Too many pit bulls are not mentally stable.

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