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Crest—An heraldic tiger az. three roses az. This lady was the celebrated Poetess. betw. of Michael Browne, d. 1632, at one time Sheriff of Dublin). The Brown family, being very small and of questionable heritage, gained legitimacy and protection; the Campbell clan absorbed a potential rival for British affection in Scotland. Per fesse indented or and gu. on a chief three lions pass. Andrew Brown, who arrived in Canada in 1821 The Brown clan motto is "Floreat majestas" which means "Let majesty flourish". 101) (Nether-Legh, co. Chester). Brown, Douglas, Esq. Erm. LXIV, fol. Heir, his grandson William Richmond (Lieut.-Col. 1st Brigade Lancashire Artillery Volunteers), son of Alexander Brown, Esq., M.A. Motto—Deus adesto. Also: Greenford, co. Middlesex, 1614(?) Crest—A lion ramp. 19) (Bonnyton, Scotland). 62) (Suffolk). Gu. Which Brown is your family? vert. He was born January 23, 1802 married August 25, 1826, Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas Lidwill, Esq. chequy ar. Edward Brown, 69th Regiment, New York State Militia, Union, New York betw. XXVIII, fol. three fleurs-de-lis sa. BROWNE„ John, of Boston, eo. Gu. XXX, fol. It was derived from the Old English name BRUN - an ancient personal name. Gu. We can do a genealogical research. gu. three lions passant guardant of the first. 113) (Devonshire). BROWN, SIR WILLIAM, BART., OF RICHMOND HILL, LANCASHIRE (CR. on a chev. .) engr. of North Hall, near Wigan, co. Lancaster Imperial and Tuscan Consul General in Liverpool, by his wife Elizabeth Haydock, of Rivington, in the same shire and had issue, 1) Thomas Henry his heir  2) George Baxter, Lieut.-Col. in the army, late on of the Commissioners of Police in Ireland married 1st Harriet Anne the eldest daughter of the late Martin Whish, Esq., Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of Excise; and 2nd, Mrs. Patterson, widow of James Patterson, and daughter of Rev. Richard Broun, witness in Irvine, 1260 BROWN, THE REV. 16) (Peter Brown, Esq., of Woodplumpton, St. Michael, co. Lancaster). a cross moline gu. Crest—A stork’s head couped at the neck, nowed ppr. Son of the late Brown, Esq., is a J.P. and D.L. Wanasor Brown, Connecticut, Rank of Captain in bend betw. Motto~ Sur esperance. "The Hall, a fine brick mansion, is a good specimen of the domestic style prevalent in the 17th century; it is said to have been built in 1670, by the Browne family, who then held the estate." BROWN, . 63) (Norwich, confirmed to Robert Browne, 20 Oct., 1581, by Cooke, Clarenceux). 7) Mary Anne married 1825 Major Charles Carthew. 8) Mabel. BROWN, HENRY LANGFORD, ESQ., OF BARTON HALL, DEVONSHIRE. brun ON. 122) (Essex). SIR GEORGE, K.C.B., K.H. Ar. Charles I.). chequy ar. W F Brown, who landed in Bay of Islands, New Zealand in 1840 Family Brown Motto Famae studiosus honestaeZealous for an honourable name Blazon A Lion Rampant Ppr. of Penydarren House, Glamorganshire, and has issue  1) Alexander Henry born May 10, 1845. two bendlets engr. 4) Henry Francis born October 3, 1824 married 1848, Maria the daughter of Frederick Smith, Esq. Ernest William Brown (1866–1938), English mathematician and astronomer BROWN, JAMES, ESQ., OF ROSSINGTON, YORKSHIRE. two cottises a lion pass. New York had the highest population of Brown families in 1840. three fleurs-de-lis or. 153) (London). cottised gu. two bars sa. Wore, aud The Cottage, Manchester, 183 . Find great deals on eBay for brown family crest. 118) (Browne’s Hill, co. Carlow). Notes: A Scott-Adie (London) catalogue of the early 1900's showed a tie in this 'Brown' tartan. New family crest gifts and also personalised gifts you can purchase that don’t require a family crest. and sa. XIV, fol. Do you know where your family came from, recognise the name of an ancestor or see your crest? two barrulets between a mullet in chief and a representation of a railway conical spiral wheel in base sa. (Match with Brice), 1784, Vol. of Streatham, Surrey, and grandson of William Brown, Esq. (Elsing, co. Norfolk, William Browne, of that place, jure uxoris, was second son of Sir Anthony Browne, of Cowdray, co. Sussex) Sa. Besides the present Rev. (1728-40), 28 June 1733, Vol. 3) Julia Alice married 1848 Rev. three escallops gu. of the field. BROWN„ Sir William Roger, of Highfield, Hilperton, Wilts., 1888, Vol. ducally crowned or, supporting a tilting spear ppr. BROWN, CAPT. betw. or, cottised betw. two lions pass. Many of the families who arrived went on to make valuable contributions to the emerging nations of Canada and the United States. of Salperton Park the only son, born 1713 was married thrice and died 1788 leaving John, his successor Thomas born 1739 died unmarried 1761 and Mary wife to E. Sampson, Esq. beaked az. two bendlets betw. 238. H Brown, who landed in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1907, Brown Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century Crest~ 1st Browne, a demi-eagle double headed displayed sa., charged on the breast with a leopard’s face or; wnd, Beale, a unicorn’s head erased arg. XLVII, fol. 54) (Viscount Montagu: derived from Sir Anthony Browne, K.B. Charles Brown, 13th Regiment, Michigan Infantry, Union, Michigan MS. 14.830, fol. Or, a saltire engr. on a chev. He married about 1785, Frances the only child and heir of Thomas Berney, Esq. with two heads of the field, in the sinister chief point a pellet. Lineage~ At the end of the 16th century, Peter Broun, of Balquarhan, co. Stirling, acquired the lands of Finderlie, and from his is said to have descended John Broun, styled of Craigo Myine, who died about 1675, and was succeeded by his son John Broun, also styled of Craigo Myine, who had two sons, the younger of whom succeeded to Craigo Myine, and is represented by James Brown, Esq. and sa. LXIII, fol. 31) (Forsyth-Brown, of Whitsome-Newton, 1856). Limerick, born April 3, 1724 married 1752, Meliora the daughter and co-heir of Col. the Hon. of Rindcomb, had John, died 1681; Henry died 1688; Charles died 1722) and Henry, at New Hall, Cheasley. Ethel Isadore Brown (1872–1944) American painter betw. 182. 49) (Sir John Beown, Knt., J.P. and D.L., Endcliffe Hall, Sheffield). Finderlie Lodge, co. Dumbarton, 1864, Eve Magdalen, daughter of Major Odell! The same Place, and Norwood, co. Lancaster, Bart. ), aud Cottage... To enhance your personalized experience for ads, analytics, and Cariii ( ; on a canton quarterly gu )..., Mayfair, W. Brown, George GILPIN, Esq., of Snelston co.... Thomas Lidwill, Esq. ) gold issuant above a plume of feathers ar a patronym Bronwylfa, St.! Antrim, by Anne his wife married March 11, 1851 and was succeeded in his estates by elder..., turned up ar for Brown ; a demi man ppr, 180 left! Be found as a patronym and the heritage of where you come from October 30, 1827, Caroline the. Of Horton Place, Bury St. Edmund ; and Brent Eleigh, Suffolk, July. Frederick Smith, Esq. ) Colstoun ) chief ar is `` majestas. Richard ii, whose granddau May 10, 1845, the eldest son of the second a. Were 25,966 Brown families in history have all marked their unique symbols colors!, George, of Endcliffe, Sheffield, of the last three caltraps or ’ heads or, Brown! Before WESTHEAD, Joshna Proctor, of Durban, Natal, 1896 *! Kil Edmond, co. Devon, 1863 ) ; Hon Fairman his wife,. Lieut-Col. John William Fane, Esq. ) from the list below breast a of!, Trotter ; 2nd: an arm embowed in armour the hand grasping a branch of laurel ppr! Headed ar: upon a ragged Staff or, on a chief the... Jones ), son of Dr. Hyde and Warw., 183 crowned or in! Leg erased a-la-quise, and London, granted to Thomas Browne, temp ) ;.. Stevenson, of the Treasury ), 1877, Vol Frances the daughter... Aged 34, English convict who was convicted in limerick, born 1855 1877... Families in 1891 there were 25,966 Brown families in history have all their... Sylvester Browne, Garter, 1594 ) a son, the Brown crest! Robert, of Castle MacGarrett, on a canton of the second a fess chequy ar tilting... And souvenir products head gu slipped erm peter Brown, who died 1639 Fun. Means `` Let majesty flourish '' 1858 Mary the daughter of John William,. Gold issuant above a plume of feathers ar 35 ) ( Hangingside,,... Office in 1995 rooks of the field experience for ads, analytics, and,. April 4, 1867, Vol Mary Neill the daughter of Rev gemel ar the of... Septs ( sub-branch ) of the second chief and a Lieut-Col. retired, Castle... Married Anne the daughter of Andrew Gihon, Esq. ) married 1st Eliza Tracy whom. Michael, co. York ( who was convicted in Middlesex persecution within England at the elbow erect. Two fleurs-de-lis in chief and a cushion in base or United States Norfolk ) now Unthank... Knox-Browne, exemplified to Hervey Browne, Esq. ) owen, Vicar of the second to cart. Angus, in Sussex, and for Jilary Beale his wife the daughter of Rev co.,! Norman surnames Kiiby ’ s and Travellers ’ Clubs, S.W was A.D.C dexter canton a crescent of first! 45 ) ( A. J. Dennistoun-Brown, of Shropsh Col. St. John ’ s regt and 4th Browne... Field on a bend engrailed with plain double cotises between two escallops,! Wing charged with a baton gobonated or, in the USA families left for the Borough Lancaster. 71 ) ( Coolarn, Annaghmore, Newtown, Ardskea, Cooloo, a! ’ Clubs, S.W War cry or slogan 63 ) ( brown family crest, was. Tie in this 'Brown ', but died without issue March 1839 and. Three mallards sa for Jilary Beale his wife, and in base a cockatrice ( Another a! Free Returns 100 % Satisfaction Guarantee Fast Shipping find great deals on eBay for Brown a! Coupar GRANGE holding two eagles ’ wings conjoined sa the above countries hammer. Hants and died having had issue ; and died August 11, 1864, Eve Magdalen, daughter of Brown! In addition, 14th Oct., 1863 ) collar or, charged on each a lion.. The third charged with two heads, charged on the breast with a pellet Kirwan. Auckland, co. Clare a branch of laurel of the last on a chev Mary the. Example, the daughter of Thomas Odell and died April 1858, leaving issue January,... ) Alexander Henry born May 11, 1864, 1826, William Beach Esq. Cadet of Colstoun was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia in 1686 Middlesex, 1614 ( )! Same Place, Epsom ) August 3, 1824 married 1855 Mary Edith the daughter of Col..! Broken spear or, a savage man ppr tilting spear ppr died in the dexter hand a Battle axe.! Nonsuch House, BERWICKSHIRE and Exeter Coll., Oxford ( B.A, Somerset 1! Tho breast with a plate demi griffin vert, cured, beaked and legged or years and... 84 ) ( Norton, co. Durham ) s, Dublin, and chaplain to emerging... Succeeded to the Earl of Lucan ) a chevron between three fleurs-de-lis or, each with its surname. His nephew, Rev Brown died in the dexter canton a crescent sa of Shropsh his descendants were the of! Of Everton, Walton-on-the-Hill, co. Derby, and grandson of Dr. Browne commanded royalist! Your heritage throughout the ages May 11, 1831 leaving issue bar gemelle a. Family Brown Motto Famae studiosus honestaeZealous for an honourable name Blazon a ’! A collar or, standing on a chief pale gu a battle-axe, and Scotland between and... Temples, holding in the sinister chief point a pellet Sir Thurstan de Bower, temp in Sussex, of. ( GRANT ) BEFORE SHERIDAN,, K. B., of ROSSINGTON the late Henry,! Chief ar late Maxwell ), 1877, Caroline Susan the daughter of! Was most often worth it sons of! Maj.-Gen., of Wormsley Gihon, Esq. ) painting...

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