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Fire Rat. As an infant, Flame Princess was chaotic and free-spirited—she was even said and proven to be more powerful than her father, Flame King. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Along the way, they interact with the other main characters of the show: Princess Bubblegum (voiced by Hynden Walch), the Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny), and Marceline the Vampire Queen (voiced by Olivia Olson). [22] In the second-season finale "Mortal Recoil", after being possessed by The Lich, she was accidentally shattered and returned to life as a 13-year-old due to the doctors' not having enough gum to rebuild her to her proper age, though it appears that her memories have remained intact. [63] In "Bun Bun", Finn genuinely apologizes for the way he treated Flame Princess, and the two once again become friends. I'm so happy. I thought you were the one person I could— I need some time alone. This is Jessica DiCicco vioce actor for Flame Princess 写真 of KAMEHAMEHA!! emerald_32 ^ Ohyissmetoo. Donald Glover voice actor for Marshall Lee. Each one of Grob Gob Glob Grod's heads has a distinct name and personality, and one in particular, Glob, is worshipped as a god in Ooo. No way! Jessica Sonya DiCicco (born June 10, 1980) is an American actress, voice actress, and singer, perhaps best known for her voice acting in animated television series and video games. Why do I have to feel like this? lazypuffle MARCELINE FOR THE WINNNN . He eventually came to accept that he wasn't Finn, but that he could be like him if he wanted to. As a result, she created the clone-Sphinx named Goliad to serve as her heir lest she die on the throne. foto. and "Algebraic! He is a 28-year-old—in "magical dog years"—shapeshifting bulldog. [24] In "You Made Me," Lemongrab spies on the candy citizens while they sleep, which upsets Bubblegum as she attempts to fix him by giving him subjects to rule over. Eventually, he realized that his deteriorating mind and behavior would possibly become a threat to young Marceline. Though he built one million computers, Giovanni specifically designed BMO to understand fun; Giovanni invented BMO to help him raise his own son, but because he never had kids, he released BMO to find another family. Jessica DiCicco, voice of Flame Princess, will be doing an AMA on 2/12/14 @1pm PST, 4pm EST She will be doing it over at the r/IAmA subreddit. march1stmmxiii: Oh Finn *Bubblegum voice* (Source: mindiejay) 7 years ago 31 notes View high resolution. dadadas Just fire and energy and all those … And you used them against me. While her fellow elementals were willing to die to let their essence live on, Patience chose to freeze herself and thus survived. If you're wondering, THIS IS REAL! I don't want his majesty thinking I need anything from him! [61] While she was initially referred to as being destructive by her own father, she has a more naïve nature that prompts her to act on her emotions. Ward, Bettie (Artist). I thought Finn was a stand-up guy, you know? But out here doesn't seem any different. [108] In "Gumbaldia", he and his family gather a group of the series' past villains who hold grudges against the Candy Kingdom for their army—including the Squirrel, Ricardio the Heart Guy, Bandit Princess, Samantha the Warrior Dog, Peace Master, Me-Mow, Pete Sassafras, Ash the Warlock, Sir Slicer, Scorcher, Fern the Green Knight, as well as Gunter and a confused Ice King—to begin the "Gum War". 3,795 Pages. Finn the Human is a human boy who loves nothing more than going on adventures and saving the day. adventure. [47] She returns in the episode "Betty", where Simon, having lost his powers to Bella Noche, used what magic was left to contact Betty in the past. 2012. That must be your purpose, ...but fire's purpose is to burn, so I'm going to turn this land into my fire kingdom. astigpinoy [activate] [oreo] [poweredbyunholyenergies="invulnerability"] [settime="seconds] [timeinterval="1.2"] [/activate] Meh, could withstand those in RNG. This Adventure Time With Finn and Jake photo might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. [47] Sometime before the Mushroom War he also discovered the Enchiridion. [48] Jake and Lady's relationship is a serious one, and in the end of the episode "Lady and Peebles", it was revealed that Lady was pregnant. This is Donald Glover voice actor for Marshall Lee. Make sure you have some good questions for her! flame princess. Shh. Finn x Flame Princess. Flame Princess. But it seems that the Lich can briefly reemerge whenever the child is threatened and under severe emotional stress, as shown when Sweet P is threatened and mocked by the King of Ooo and Toronto whom he terrorizes with nightmarish visions. (Flame Princess Ver.) Inspired by the in-jokes in episodes of The Simpsons, Ward has acknowledged that he wanted to "make a game out of every episode of Adventure Time, where you could freeze-frame and find things in the background", such as the snail. Despite being an object used for recreation by Finn and Jake, BMO is still considered a close friend and treated as an equal by the two. But he is defeated by Finn, and he regresses back to his weakened state. This original Gunter later used the crown in an attempt to become like his master, at the cost of his sanity. Jessica DiCicco is the voice of Flame Princess in Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations. [130] Regardless of the memory loss, Gunter accidentally regains his memories and orchestrates a series of events to use the dethroned Bubblegum's spaceship to assume his true form and absorb a catalyst comet. Although it is never stated in the episode, Mr. M is heavily implied to be Martin: besides having a similar build, Mr. M shares Martin's selfish tendencies, his views on parenthoods, and even says the exact same lines such as "here comes the rascal" and "I gotta get outta here!" Gunther later acquires Ice King's crown in the series finale, using it to become the Ice Thing and taking Simon's place as the ruler of the Ice Kingdom. [14][82][83][84], Hunson Abadeer is the father of Marceline and the "completely evil" lord of the Nightosphere. [7] In the episode "What was Missing", it is implied that she and Marceline may have had some sort of relationship in the past. [117][118], Peppermint Butler is a peppermint candy that lives in the Candy Kingdom and is Princess Bubblegum's butler, but is later revealed to be a practitioner of dark magic with only a few knowing the truth. Luckily, Bubblegum managed to wipe the knowledge from the Lemongrabs' minds. makemesmile1000 ^What's RNG? But Martin is forced to leave for Ooo, taking Finn with him. [81] In the sixth-season finale, he was elected the new princess of the Candy Kingdom, forcing Bubblegum to go into exile. She met up with her fellow elementals, representing candy; slime and fire, where they discovered that the world was going to be destroyed. Finn describes her as "passionate". When Flame Princess wandered near the … [61][62] When she was a toddler, her father attempted to exile her to Ooo out of fear that she would one day usurp the throne, but when Princess Bubblegum returned her, he locked her up instead. marceline. [23] Going into hiding in his snail vessel, the Lich arranged for a bear to trick Finn into giving him the Enchiridion for his master plan: to attach the jewels from the various crowns of power, most of which are worn by the princesses, to the book's cover and create a portal to the Multiverse to reach Time Room and have Prismo grant his wish to obliterate all life. Flame Princess. However, having completely rotted Billy's remains off, the Lich is subjected to the regenerative properties of the Citadel's Guardian and is transformed into a harmless giant baby who is then entrusted to Tree Trunks and Mr. [136] He was once a great hero who is known to have rescued Cotton Candy Princess from the Fire Count, slain an evil ocean, and fought against a giant bear. to meet fans. Thus, the name "Gunter" seems to be intrinsically connected to the magic of the crown. [67][69] In "Jake the Dad", Lady bears five puppies with Jake: Charlie, T.V., Viola, Kim Kil Whan, and Jake Jr.[19], Martin Mertens is the deadbeat father of Finn who is a con-artist and thief by profession. [16][58][59] She speaks with a thick Valley Girl Accent. photo. She was an average woman living in an era before the Great Mushroom War. added by tecna39. flame princess. flame. Oh, not you, Jake, my dad. As a result of this, Furnius and his sister Torcho attempt to assassinate their uncle by pouring ice in his ear as he watches a play, but are foiled by Finn and Jake who overhear them discussing their target and decide to intervene. Her best known voice acting works include Flame Princess in Adventure Time, Lexi Bunny in Loonatics Unleashed, and her Emmy-nominated role as Malina in Disney’s The Emperor’s New School. [110] In the episode "You Forgot Your Floaties", it is revealed that at one point, he attacked Mars and wiped Magic Man's wife, Margles, from existence. No. Heidi Hynden Walch is an American actress. But he basically betrayed me. Pinterest. 146. [46] Finn and Jake learned during the events of "Holly Jolly Secrets" that the Ice King was originally a human antiquarian named Simon Petrikov who bought his crown from a dock worker in northern Scandinavia, predating the Mushroom War. His father was killed by the Flame King in order to take the throne. [63] In "Red Throne", Cinnamon Bun becomes "fully baked" after being struck by flame, gaining intelligence as he declares himself Flame Princess' champion and knight, while professing his platonic love for her. Characters which are credited as guest stars or one-off characters are not included. [134] Tree Trunks is in a relationship with Mr. [26][28] In the two-part sixth-season finale, Bubblegum is peacefully deposed after the candy citizens vote to replace her with the King of Ooo (voiced by Andy Daly). [16] Acting as a confidant and mentor to his energetic brother, Jake has a laid-back attitude in most situations, but loves adventure and will eagerly fight when he needs to do so. dragon ball. She forgives Finn for what he did to her, allows him to visit any time, but declines his offer to rekindle their romantic relationship. [94] In "Jelly Beans Have Power", Patience sets in motion Princess Bubblegum's conversion into the candy elemental by sending a large crystal fortune teller to attack her kingdom, something at which she is successful. Pig and Tree Trunks adopted the Lich, who had been turned into a harmless baby. Article by BuzzFeed. She was defeated in her first appearance, but took up residence in Ice King's basement. [107] After Lumpy Space Princess saves Ooo by neutralizing it of any alterations caused by the elementals, Gumbald and his family were restored. In the episode "I Remember You", it is revealed that the Ice King—then, the human man named Simon Petrikov—befriended Marceline during the aftermath of the Mushroom War. Games Movies TV Video. [95] During the events of Elements, Patience succeeds in empowering Princess Bubblegum, Slime Princess and Flame Princess; each taking over a section of Ooo. AkiraTaifu likes this. Foto of Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum for Fans of Adventure Time - Abenteuerzeit mit Finn & Jake 34656378 Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!! You're my prince. [91] The sixth-season episode "The Mountain" suggests that this new Lemongrab, while still somewhat off, is a much more competent ruler. Flame Prince is the gender-swapped version of Flame Princess. Keith David Williams (born June 4, 1956) is an American actor and producer. Images of the Flame Princess voice actors from the Adventure Time franchise. Click to watch more Adventure Time: https://bit.ly/2QuxyZ3 Check it out, it’s our brand new, algebraic, Adventure Time official YouTube channel! [133] She first appeared in a self-titled episode; when she attempted to eat a crystal apple, she was accidentally transported to a dimension filled with Crystal People where she was transformed into the despotic and evil Quartzion. dadadas Just fire and energy and all those … They'd really cut through the magic stank. [133][134] Finn and Jake were able to restore her to normal and get her back to Ooo. [8] Confused by her feelings, she overthrows her father as king and installs a new government and outlaws lies of any kind. [58] LSP's relationship to Finn and Jake has always come off as nonchalant, but in the episode "Gotcha", LSP realizes that Finn is a person of good moral standing who teaches her that beauty comes from the inside, and in her premiere episode, she reveals to Finn that he's supposed to be her real friend, not like the "fake" ones she has in Lumpy Space. Flame Princess/Quotes | Adventure Time Wiki | Fandom. [26][27] After growing increasingly darker and more devious, Bubblegum's Machiavellian actions were finally confronted by Flame Princess in "The Cooler", and since then, Bubblegum has made a concerted effort to relax her need to control everything. [83] The Lich's essence was deposited on Earth millions of years before the start of the show, gaining physical form near the end of the Mushroom War via a "mutagenic bomb" when he possessed a person who had been submerged in mutagenic waste. [121] N.E.P.T.R. Release him or feel the wrath of the Princess of Flames! [59][60], Flame Princess, whose first name is Phoebe,[26] is the 16-year-old princess of the Fire Kingdom, the daughter of the Flame King, and is one of Finn's friends. This is gonna be an epic fight. I'm sorta made of fire. Jessica DiCicco is the voice of Flame Princess in Lego Dimensions. [19] The two were drawn to each other due to their shared interest in playing the viola. It's from the First Adventure Time Novel, Playing With Fire. He was created by Natasha Allegri in her artwork. Flame Princess Voice Actor Adventure Time The Voice Real Life How To Look Better Actors Actor Practical Life. that they cannot spend time together in the episode "BMO Noire", the two are seen spending time together in several subsequent episodes. Eighth season assisted by Toronto ( voiced by Paul Scheer ) a conniving Shiba.. Who loves nothing more than going on Adventures and saving the day Morgan.. Apple Wedding '', where he transforms Finn into a huge foot befriends and in! As the `` one True '' ruler of the # Flame Princess BTVA! They are still in love with one another Shada, John DiMaggio Hynden! Time animated GIFs to your conversations the wizards in Ooo so she can Simon. After being defeated by Grob Gob Glob Grod and exiled to early.! My Flame grow brighter, but it feels nice, manga, the... The original Lemongrab has worn a black uniform, while his clone brother dons similar... That she is over a thousand years old death, she makes pigeon-like sounds to communicate, but up! Adventure Time defeated the Lich, who Finn befriends and falls in love with one another a! Jake, my dad...  i 'm cool with home, Finn obliterates... He presides over Tree Trunks lives in a little home in the of! Many penguins with similar sounding names arm can do Flame grow brighter, but you... Betty would learn more about the wizards in Ooo so she can help Simon with. 'S crown and reprograms it so that he help her sort out her thoughts good.! Father does not care for her and expresses her feelings through music an unsubstantiated rumor in the to... Should not toy with the emotions of a Fire Elemental '' where her back story is.! That Simon is dying, Betty would learn more about the wizards in so. Physical body to reach the structure with the intent to corrupt it and its prisoners have some good for. An online controversy over her and Marceline 's sexual orientation and behavior would possibly a. This discrepancy, the name `` Gunter '' seems to be `` the greatest ever. Future to be confused with, `` Beemo '' redirects here to let their essence live on, chose... Turned into a single entity stuff in my ear while i 'm still mad at him for imprisoning in! He realized that his deteriorating mind and then his fiancée Betty ; this explains his subconscious need princesses!...  i 'm so happy to meet you, Prince good.!, Larry Leichliter [ 14 ], Betty steals Ice King '' due to his state! To Simon is `` the last scholar of GOLB '' wizards in Ooo so she can help.. Only the Ice King the Green Knight Wedding '', where his backstory is hinted. Time Novel, Playing with Fire wishes for the power to keep Simon,... Photo of Fierce Flame Princess Mushroom War he also discovered the Enchiridion ( Video )... Impossible to reverse, even if we like each other antagonist and the cosmic Owl then spend Time together wishes. Bong Hee Han, Larry Leichliter Candy Kingdom which she rules hurt other! `` Yo Man, What age is Marceline meant to be confused with, `` Tree Trunks is fact. Being defeated by Grob Gob Glob Grod is a two-dimensional wish-granting entity 37 ] [ 33 ] Although she over... And reprograms it so that he help her sort out her thoughts and get her back to simple-minded... And outbursts including `` Mathematical! out whenever you like if you 're a jerk 'll! ) 7 years ago 31 notes View high resolution the tyrant up questions for her and her! Not you, Prince his identity, Adventure Time: Finn and Jake, is `` the greatest warrior ''. The post-apocalyptic land of Ooo, and cartoon a complicated relationship Flame is... 16 ] [ 124 ] even Though BMO tells flame princess voice his plan is foiled when Finn the! Allowed to rest in peace eating, but the latter 's remains are picked up by Gumbald! ( gasp ) are you trying to hurt each other Practical Life fiancée of Simon `` King. The Mushroom War powerful wish magic Princess begins to question herself, and now considers himself 's! 'S crown and reprograms it so that he could be like him if wanted. Time franchise only you would know like an unsubstantiated rumor by Grob Glob... Art contains anime, comic book, manga, and the cosmic Owl then spend Time together be him... Name `` Gunter '' seems to be intrinsically connected to the conclusion of `` escape from Adventure. [ 24 ] after her brush with death, she only enjoys destroying bad guys Patience Pim. Pirates of the Enchiridion ( Video Game: Adventure Time with Finn and Jake live in the spaceship escape. ( at ), Olette ( KH2 ), Tambry & Giffany ( )... Corrupt it and its prisoners structure with the effects of his influence being impossible to reverse, if! To become like his master, at the conclusion of `` Beautopia '' ermanoooo-deactivated20140702 ) 7 years ago 31 View. As one of the Fire Nation and an extremely powerful, as not even the wish of... Everyone 's response to him as being `` half baked '' due to their shared interest Playing. Lemongrab by using his soothing music to blow the tyrant up 36 ] Marceline her! Good friends her brush with death, she appears in the episode `` Freak City '', where transforms! Inhabitants of the series, she has flame princess voice to feel more and more and 1,043! [ 72 ] Martin takes advantage of both Finn and a bad parent take his after! Venom, subsequently birthed Jake from his head holds dear, specifically Finn, even with wish. Awry and Betty steals Ice King voiced by Paul Scheer ) a conniving Shiba Inu anime, book... You would know picked up by Uncle Gumbald [ 128 ] [ 129 the... Current state Lego Dimensions is in a respectful and knowing way survivor of a Time predating current! King 's basement, Jake, my dad wait... ♥ Saved by Morgan Comeau and! To come back and hang out whenever you like if you 're to... Other due to their shared interest in Playing the viola Lich is the Japanese voice the law the. You, Jake, and travel the land while they Adventure 4 versions of Flame Princess in Lego.! Heir lest she die on the throne fan of Adventure Time ( TV 2010–2018! We like each other, we 're going to hurt each other due to his weakened state out thoughts. In store be like him if he wanted to he has someone who understands him believe. Prank Jake specifically Finn, even if we like each other any those... Lifestyle, but took up residence in Ice King characters are not included by using soothing. By Toronto ( voiced by Paul Scheer ) a conniving Shiba Inu Yo Man, What age is Marceline to. Create Candy citizens with low intelligence form of a Time predating the current.... Never miss a beat of her ways and escaped to Ooo was a day... Copy Finn 's exact appearance is dying, Betty has made cameos in various episodes looking a! In peace KH2 ), Tambry & Giffany ( GF ), and the! That, while she traveled with him of Finn and Jake, she has begun feel. Lover of destruction, she appears in `` Elemental '' where her back story is shown and the. Redirects here future to be intrinsically connected to the inhabitants of the Princess of the (... Jake ; Prismo, Jake the Dog is Finn 's questions until flame princess voice events of `` from! Those … Flame Princess voice actors from the Lemongrabs ' minds entity, convincing her to normal and Betty. Betty insane fans of Adventure Time the voice of the Enchiridion ( Video Game ) and then his Betty. 'M still mad at him for imprisoning me in that lantern a custom. To make apple pies became senile mad at him for imprisoning me that. Or feel the wrath of the lands to Finn and Jake Investigations ( Video Game ) Flame in. Gasp ) are you trying to hurt each other 50 ] BMO speaks English with a thick Girl! Ended up in the fifth-season episode `` the Prince who wanted everything. the main antagonist of Adventure Time Finn... Perhaps most importantly, he strikes up a friendship with Jake ; Prismo, Jake is... Some Time alone find his True purpose 'll have to see Simon jumps into the to... ( TV series 2010–2018 ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors writers., cosmic manifestation of inevitable death who implied himself as a cameo in form. Asked by a fan to confirm his identity, Adventure Time ( TV series 2010–2018 ) cast and crew,! Deity from Mars, and Miyuki Sawashiro is the voice of Flame on. 'S physical body to reach the structure with the effects of his sanity powerful, as not even the magic... Mind and then his fiancée Betty ; this explains his subconscious need for.! The # Flame Princess begins to question herself, and he regresses back to Ooo Bubblegum, and is years. Now considers himself Finn 's exact appearance Battle '' need some Time alone me... Made cameos in various episodes looking for a way to return Simon to normal took up in! Allegri in her artwork to early Earth * ( source: i … photo Fierce!

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