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We thought we'd grab them and do a comparison. Unless something traumatic happens, you're not going to have a problem. Can't drain the oil with out the mating part that has a barbed fitting for a hose. The stahlbus®-oil drain valve takes the place of the conventional drain plug. After disconnecting the drain tube, the valve closes automatically and you only need to install the safety cap. Aperçu rapide. There are two main brands in the Australian oil drain valve market. Retrouvez toutes les explications et avantages dans la description détaillé ou dans la vidéo de présentation. 505 likes. Ohhhh i do like that.. i think i will get one for other vehicle..thanks for sharing. Bleeding brakes - simply intelligent oil change. Stahlbus Vs. ValvoMax Hello Fellow Discovery owners, I have been following discussions on this forum, and have seen the Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve mentioned a few times. The valve certainly looks easier. Bleeding brakes - simple and quick with the innovative stahlbus bleeder valve for a safe, clean and quick bleeding and filling of hydraulic brakes and clutches of all vehicles. If it adds weight to the car, it's not going happen for me. The clearance is large enough that the adapter is not needed and also does not protrude past the lowest point of the oil pan. … I prefer the recessed fitment of the Fumoto and because I have it on my G1, I installed it on my G5 Odyssey as well. They currently operate from their warehouse and office in Santa Rosa, California. I recall fumoto's side is Fumoto® USA | Quick … How much time does one of these devices save you? scottdm said: ↑ 12mm diameter with 1.75 mm thread pitch. Toyota 4runner Stahlbus S . Also mentioned was the ValoMax Oil Drain Valve as an alternate. Simply intelligent oil change we the stahlbus Oil drain valve. However, if your drain is oriented vertically, and you're the OCD type and don't want your stay-in-place drain valve to prevent draining as … Joined: Apr 28, 2014 Member: #128619 Messages: 216 Gender: Male Richmond, VA Vehicle: 2008 Silver 4x4 Access Cab Not enough. I use the Eaton (Aeroquip) quick drain valve. It seems much lower profile that the Fumoto and the valve is internal and looked less likely to be opened accidentally. The valve only opens when the second piece is inserted and twisted. After looking at both of them I opted for the Stahlbus. The conversation is never over until a grump old guy complains about 30 bucks.....on a Porsche. Purger vos freins seul en quelques minutes et vidanger sans vous salir les mains! Your best bet is check out the manufacturer's website for vehicle application. Le stahlbus® soupape de vidange d‘huile Changer l’huile – propre et facile. stahlbus®-Oil drain valve - The smart way to change oil Oil drain valve for all vehicles with combustion engines, transmissions, etc. Des soupapes de purge pour des systèmes hydrauliques comme les freins, les embrayages, etc. stahlbus®-Oil drain valve - The smart way to change oil Oil drain valve for all vehicles with combustion engines, transmissions, etc. This is the third vehicle of mine I have installed this oil drain valve on. Fumoto Oil drain valve company has been in operation since 1991 in the US. That being said, the Stahlbus is more elegant and advanced. I like the idea of having a magnet on the drain plug for examination purposes and to catch small debris that might wind up in the sump or tank. If practical, a hose type solution could save me hassle. 501 Posts #3 • Apr 26, 2018. Oil Drain Valves Page 3 2016 S550 Mustang Forum Gt. Ajouter au panier. 31,05 € HT . Application list oil drain valve: Cars; Bikes . Fumoto has gained the trust of millions of end-users in its operations for over four decades now. 02 20 Dodge Mins Femco 18mm Oil Drain Valve. NotUrTaco Well-Known Member. This is not a performance comparison, but more a side-by-side feature listing. Are you also tired of the usual spills and dirty hands when changing the oil. Very low profile and very happy with it. Oil Drain Valves Page 3 2016 S550 Mustang Forum Gt . The Fumoto Oil Drain Valve and the EZ Oil Drain Valve. The plug with the internal valve and the second piece attaches to the plug with a section of hose for your pan. Oil drain plug page 2 alfa romeo 4c fumoto vs stahlbus drain valve jeep dodge mins femco 18mm oil drain valve oil drain plug possibly stripped. Then simply replace the existing oil drain plug against the stahlbus®-oil drain valve. Stahlbus leaves a 3mm (1.5 x 2) deeper puddle in the oil pan each drain which is not ideal. IMG_4354.jpg Its is definitely a quality product and the feature that made me purchase was … Fumoto Vs EZ Oil Drain Valves. We have the solution for easy bleeding of hydraulic brakes / clutches and intelligent oil change for all vehicle types: The stahlbus Bleeder-Valve and stahlbus Oil … tacoma_ca, Sep 29, 2020 #6. wheeliest and scott_b like this. Then simply replace the existing oil drain plug against the stahlbus®-oil drain valve. While most of the taps depend on adapters, this is a great achievement for this model. Pelican Parts Catalog for Porsche, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI and More. Dispo sous 15 jours. I installed the . That is a nice looking design, but involves more parts to get lost in the garage, and as subiesubieDOOO mentioned the Fumoto doesn't hang lower than the skids. Ez Drain Valve Stahlbus Indian Motorcycle Forum. The Stahlbus looks to me like a reference of an older Fram design. La technologie brevetée Stahlbus® vous offre aujourd'hui beaucoup d'avantages dont la rapidité et la simplicité d'utilisation. I have had the Fumoto valve on my 3.2 oil tank for close to 4 years now, and on two of my other cars for close to 8 years. Somehow it seems like a low risk/reward ratio. Désormais, vous pourrez faire votre vidange les mains propres ! The Stahlbus site doesn't have a listing for the Crosstrek/XV, basing my guess off the majority of Subaru cars listed on their site, I bought the wrong size valve on my previous oil change; don't make the same mistake as me! I'm also interested in the Fumoto and Stahlbus units. Best Oil Drain Valve Reviews The Ultimate Ing Tool Knows.

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