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If you are familiar with backstitch in the context of hand sewing, this is exactly the same stitch, just using the holes in the aida fabric as a guide. The last three letters are smoother and more defined. Out of the three I prefer option one.”. So grab your fabric and floss, click on the stitches you'd like to learn. This is super helpful in trying to decide how to outline. Do you want someone looking at the piece to pay more attention to the flower or the branch? Looking at this again now, maybe a red outline instead of black…. The item in the foreground should be fully outlined in its own colours. It’s called backstitch, because of the way the stitches are formed. This stitch is pretty common in many cross stitch patterns and can be used in many ways and different types of embroidery. The cat was designed with a specific person in mind, a young lady of 10, who’s ready for her second project. This makes the edges of the design blocky and square. Bring the needle up a short distance from the first stitch on the line to the right. - Keep your tension and the stitches even while cross stitching the design. At the end of the last cross stitch, the needle should be at the back of the fabric. If you like this doggy you can stitch him for yourself, there’s a chart of him here, All three designs above use cross stitch only. If a symbol takes up only half the square then the stitch it represents will take up half the area of the full cross stitch. A line on your design chart indicates a back stitch is needed. Bring the needle up through the fabric to the front, at your starting point, with the knot at the back. Bring your needle back up at 3 down at 4, up at 5 and down at 6. From the basic cross stitch and backstitch, to French Knots and Daisy Stitches, I know you'll learn them all just as easily. Embroidery floss is made up of six strands. For example, if you want to fill in a rainbow design, then you would need red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. My mum always taught me to do as in picture 2”. To begin, tie a knot in the end of the floss. When you do this stitch a herringbone stitch is automatically created on the back side of the design. Instead, you can run your needle under the back of a few nearby stitches  a couple of times in order to secure your thread in a similar way to how you would finish off. To make a cross stitch, bring the needle up at the lower left hole of one square of the fabric (1) and down at the upper right hole of the same square (2). In this tutorial, you will not only learn the steps on how to cross-stitch a waste knot but also discover the benefits of this type of stitch. Firstly, is there a clear background and foreground in your image? Without it, an image like this one is unclear and even a little fuzzy. This video tutorial is on how to outline a cross stitch design using the backstitch. 70% of responses to my Facebook poll said they liked picture two. However this will depend on the size of your individual motif and is completely up to you. Alternatively, you can leave a small tail of thread behind your work and catch it down behind your first few stitches as you go. Each stitch will go "back" from where your needle came up. Finish with a half cross stitch. When cross stitching images, the style of outlining you choose depends on the effect you want to create. Bring the needle back through both layers of fabric just in front of where the knot is. In the pictures below, the line of stitches is being formed going towards the right, but the part of the stitch visible from the front of the fabric is made “backwards”, from right to left. You should always make sure your work slants in the same direction for the finished work to look good. Your stamped cross stitch will have a fuller, more finished appearance if you keep these uniform, with one stitch or the other always on top--in other words, stitched last. I’ve been working on a cow…even on green fabric, it’s still blending in to the background. I’d love to read your comments and feedback. To secure your thread, weave it through the back of your stitches, then bring your needle up to the surface. Keep the stitches to about ¼” (0.6cm) like you did with the straight stitch. 2. To secure the last cross stitch, thread the needle through the back of 4 – 6 stitches and cut off with scissors (H, reverse view). When your stitching reaches the knot, pull the knot up and clip it off close … In the video below, I go into more detail about the materials that you need to start stitching. I hope you’ve found my thoughts on using backstitch in your work interesting and useful. - Make sure all your stitches are crossed in the same direction. Push the needle through one stitch ahead. Get started by following these easy instructions. When backstitching between two colors and there are two different colors for both colors, which color trumps. Back Stitch is a row of straight stitches, made with a single embroidery thread. as shown at left. Apart from the arms, these three pictures of her are identical, but with different outlining styles.  /  It’s clear we definitely need some form of outline in cross stitch work like this, but when it comes down to it, it’s up to you whether you go for the subtle effect of picture one, or the more “popping” effect of black, as in picture two. Start by threading one of your cross stitch needles with two strands of cross stitch thread and knot the opposite end. No outlining around the outside of the flower, but can you see where the backstitches are? Hope I am describing it so u understand. Free shipping on orders $30+ | Orders subject to delay click for details. For a cluster of balloons in primary colors, you could just use red, blue, and yellow. As you go along and stitch your word you will trap the thread the same way as above, and can then snip the knot off when it's secure. 4 Poke your needle up through both pieces, then back down at your first stitch. At the moment, post is taking longer than normal due to problems caused by COVID 19. Like the person in the comment above, this is what I was taught to do. You can even use nearby cross stitches to help hold down your backstitch tails, if you have nearby stitches. Cut a length of embroidery floss approximately 12 inches long.. 3. 2 For Postage and packing rates see the menu tab. These three pictures show our cute puppy first with no backstitch at all, then with added backstitch detail (eyebrows, muzzle, leg definition) and finally with all the individual elements outlined with backstitch, including the nose and eyes. The exceptions are the face, because the hair and jumper are already outlined, and the eyes. Only carry thread to another area if the jump is short and the thread is a light colour. Bring the needle up at 1, down at 2, up at 3 and down at 1 again following the diagram. This is Penny. Step 5 Anchor the ends of your embroidery floss by working it under other stitches on the back of the fabric when you start and finish each set of strands. The fractional stitches used in our cross stitch designs can be vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Bring your needle up one space to the right, and then push your needle back through the hole on the left. Come up on your design line, a stitch … In that case outline the flower fully. This stitch is used in shadow work to create the shadow on the back of the cloth. (For those who’ve spotted that adds up to 108, I included those votes in the totals). I have used the same colour for the eyes and the outline of the eyes. To finish take the thread to the WRONG side of the fabric, tie a knot to secure the stitching. A back stitch is used to make lines around the cross stitch and to stitch letters and wording. 8% of those who answered actually said they liked both one and two. Adding backstitch outlines and details. You can see that Penny’s arms are behind her top, and she stands out well from the background. Count over two squares from the center of the fabric and bring the threaded needle up from the back. Tutorial Tuesday – how to do back stitch : First secure your thread at the back of your fabric and come up at point A. If you would like to collect your order from my home in York, UK, use the code ILIVEINYORK at the checkout to remove the postage cost. ... Backstitch outlines are added on top when all the other stitching is complete to create extra detail or highlight an area of the design. First of all thread your needle and secure your thread between your material and thread on the back of your project. Our clear and detailed diagrams and carefully worded directions with have you stitching every pattern with confidence. Between the branch and the flower do u use the backstitching color of the branch or the back stitching color of the flower? The pale blue hair is outlined with a darker blue, the orange skirt is outlined with a darker orange, and so on. Bring the needle down through your fabric, perhaps at the end of a word to be stitched, leaving the knot on the topside of the fabric. A loop start will not work here as backstitching requires normally one strand of … Let’s never mention her again. Create a back stitch. FRENCH KNOTS The French Knot is used in many counted cross stitch designs to add extra detail or dimension. Second in importance only to the cross stitch, the backstitch enhances and defines areas that have already been cross stitched. Complete the back stitch as explained previous, we stitched 1/16″ (1-2mm) away from the edge of the motif. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In cross stitch this stitch is used largely for outlining, but also for small details and lettering. Cross stitch basics: materials needed. To start, thread your needle with two strands of embroidery thread. How to outline a cross stitch design! To start the backstitch, secure your thread (I used a waste knot, but you can use a knot on the back of the fabric as well – completely up to you!). Center aida fabric in embroidery hoop. Orders received before 4pm are usually posted out the same day except for personalised kits. - Work the darker colours first, and the lighter colours last. Back stitching can be used on a variety of fabric types, though it is most commonly utilized on fabric with an even thread count. I like the last picture best. I think I would say it can depends on a couple of things. I use this style of outlining mostly with larger, more detailed designs which have several different elements. These will usually be posted the following day. This stitch is also called the reverse herringbone stitch. I have used the darkest of the three pinks just to define the edges of the petals within the flower. Work this in horizontal rows from left to right. - Work the design area first and any plain background last. Some designs that are composed entirely of back stitch. Insert the needle from the front in the hole to the left of the one you brought the floss through and draw through to the back. This video is about how to do backstitch in an embroidery or cross stitch project to create definition and pattern outlines. Bring the needle up to the front of the fabric at the starting point of your first cross stitch. DMC Threads In some designs, this might be the effect you want to achieve. Having said that, it’s clearly not meant to be a realistic depiction of a dog, so I can live with the blocky edges happily. I wasn’t sure whether to do the outlining, but I did it and found it quite difficult but I think it looks better with it. My conclusion is that it’s up to you! Bring your needle up through the back of your knit layers … Obviously there are times when a design just isn’t clear without it, but you can decide on your own style, and sometimes you might decide to use none at all. Back stitch has many other names including stem stitch, outline stitch and split stitch. By continuing your navigation, you accept the use of cookies to provide services and offers tailored to your interests. We’ll snip this off later once the thread is secure. Cross stitch - stitch guide, Subscribe to our newsletter for updates and special offers, For more information on our privacy policy, please read our T&, Designed with love by , Dedi agency solution e-commerce et création site Internet. You can clearly see all aspects of Penny, she sticks out crisply from the background, and all her details are clear. Ending your stitching with backstitch works pretty much the same as cross stitch! The outlining changes her appearance quite dramatically. And finally, my lovely, simple lotus. (Country Living's free patterns use 16-count aida fabric.)2. 1. Say outlining a branch which is up against a flower. All UK packages are sent by first class mail. As backstitch is almost always done using a single thread, you can’t start off in the same way as for a cross stitch (as described in the “Getting Started with Cross Stitch” post.) Back stitch is done right to left rather than left to right as typical stit… Many cross stitch charts instruct us to use backstitch in our work. Learn how your comment data is processed. There are no three-quarter stitches. 1. In this picture all the elements are outlined in black. Since you can’t tie a secure knot in yarn, it’s important to secure it by stitching on both sides of your backstitch line. Backstitch You will need to use this second method if you are starting your backstitches away from any convenient blocks of stitching. The stitches are made in a backward motion rather than a forward motion when typically cross stitching. Thread the needle and draw the floss through the top of the fabric near the edge. Jumping can be easier than stopping and starting, but when you carry the thread along the back it can show through the fabric. This style of outlining gives subtle definition to the work. Most often, back stitching forms lines and details. Step 1. - Sometimes you'll stitch only a few stitches in an area, than jump to another area with that same colour thread. My cousin said this in response to the Facebook poll: “That’s funny, as I’ve just finished a cross stitch of Peter Rabbit for my daughter. Want to learn how to cross stitch? Bring your needle up at the start of the word and backstitch as normal. For cross stitchers of all levels of experience. Cross Stitch patterns or ... Catch the thread end on the back under your first few stitches to secure it. I use this style of outlining with smaller designs, for example greetings cards, where clarity and impact are important. It is also a very secure stitch to use. I asked in a Facebook post which one people preferred. I’ve been messing around with ivory/ecru outlines to be more subtle but seeing your strong black outlines has convinced me to go that direction! If you don’t, just run it under your backstitch lines (on the BACK of your project) a few times before snipping. Picture two if I want it to stand out or if there’s a simple one-figure focus; picture one if there’s more going on in the finished work.” Another said “I prefer picture one. In most cases, probably the flower. It gives a continuous clean line and is great for outlining things in embroidery and cross stitch. Work your backstitch once you’ve finished the cross stitch. . To create a solid border around your cross stitched figures, use a single strand of embroidery floss (black is usually used) and back stitch around the outline of your pattern. I’m glad you’ve found it helpful, thank you for your comment. This picture has no outlining at all. If you like him, there’s a chart with six versions of him on in the web shop, click here, I was in two minds about the elephant though. Cross stitch is such a simple craft and you only need a few basics to get started with a beginners cross stitch project. When there is a symbol over a square, and the symbol is the same on both sides of the backstitch symbol, make a cross stitch in that square, then add the backstitch last. Find a great picture step-by-step tutorial from Better Cross Stitch Patterns here. As backstitch is almost always done using a single thread, you can’t start off in the same way as for a cross stitch (as described in the “Getting Started with Cross Stitch” post.) The black outline definitely accentuates the blockiness. I like that comment, it reminds me that we should not necessarily always do what we’ve been taught, it’s OK to break away and try something new!

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