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San Francisco, CA. Trees provide the infrastructure that keeps microbes, insects, plants, fungi, etc., alive. Hemp grows in 4 months. Here’s a brief hemp paper history that you need to know. In 2009, the UK spent £4.1 billion on the import of pulp and paper when the total value of wood product imports was £5.8 billion (Forestry The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper that need half the tree cut. The recyclability and reusability of hemp papers bestow chances to have a waste-processing plant. Hemp paper became less common in the United States in the late 19th century, when wood fiber from trees was discovered as a cheaper alternative for paper making. Making hemp papers is not rocket science. Maybe 40% of changes, and you’re good to go. That’s the only way we can improve. Globally, pulp for paper has risen from 40% in 1998, to an expected 60% over the next 50 years. No! Despite having the better quality in line with almost identical composition, why don’t we see hemp papers more often? Hemp shives contain cellulose just above 45%, hemicellulose close to 15-20%, and lignin upto 19-21%. Dioxin is considered one of the most toxic substances ever produced = cancer, liver failure, miscarriage, birth defects, and genetic damage. The environmental impacts of making paper from ‘tree-free’ fiber sources can be similar and even higher than using wood pulp. Last but not the least— 1 acre of hemp is known to produce as good an oxygen content as 25 acres of trees. According to a paper industry article by E.P.M de Meijer, “There is sufficient variation within the genus Cannabis for further genetic improvement of quality and yield of hemp fiber as a non-wood source of pulp.”. Yes, pulp papers degrade the environment, but you have an entrepreneurial opportunity to beat the traditional market by establishing a hemp set-up. Hemp contains 5-24% lignin whereas wood has 20-35%. Hemp papers are the future. What if we replaced pulp papers with hemp papers overnight? U.S. at 5% of world population consumes 30% of world’s paper. Paper made from hemp lasts hundreds of years longer than wood-pulp paper, which decomposes and yellows with age. Worldwide consumption of wood products has risen 64% since 1961. Why Are People Choosing CBD As An Alternative To Pharmaceutical Medicines? Hemp Farming – Lakota Hemp … Mandatory laws, in the name of climate change, may backfire and cripple the economy. Hemp Politics – Why Was Hemp Made Illegal In 1937? Not only is hemp paper resilient to aesthetic damage, it is actually more durable. The pulp and paper industry is the 3rd largest industrial polluter – 220 million pounds of toxic pollution into air and water each year. Hemp Paper is Higher Quality than Tree Paper. Black; and A.R. The US will become the largest consumer of hemp paper. 1% of available farmland) of hemp–producing the 54 million metric tons of raw material necessary to replace wood-pulp paper each year. Bamboo paper is attracting the attention of companies and individuals looking for eco-friendly printing and sustainability. Hemp is ready for harvesting in 90 - 120 days and grows from 10 - 20 feet tall vs. trees taking 20 - 50 years to cultivate. Here are five reasons for switching to hemp paper: Hemp Is a Highly Renewable Resource. Hemp Paper is More Durable. The Top Uses Of CBD Oil – Does It Really Work? It can either be long or short. We need 4 acres of trees to produce the same amount of papers that 1 acre of hemp yields. Tree pulp has 20 to 40% lignin. All in all, wood and foresting is most efficient way to gain paper… On the other hand, hemp fiber has only 4-7% lignin, and hemp shives contain 17-19% lignin. Only 5% of virgin forests remain in the U.S. “The Perfect Stationery: A Study of the Properties of Different Paper Materials.” (1998). 23 paper mills around the world use hemp fiber, producing 120,000 tons/year. Hemp paper can be recycled eight times compared to regular paper which generally can only be recycled about three times. • Hemp paper is naturally acid-free and does not yellow as quickly as tree pulp-based paper. Cut them into small hemp chunks. 1. 1 carton (10 reams) of 100% virgin copier paper uses 0.6 trees. P.J. On the other hand, pulp papers are not tough and durable like bast papers. and F.A. Every woman alive today carries some trace of dioxin in her breast milk. We need to master mass-production to have hemp replace the existence of traditional papers. That’s a considerable period. In Ukraine, poplar wood grown for pulp produces 5.1 tons/acre/yr, and dry stems of hemp produce 3.24-4.05 tons/acre/yr. Hemp paper is known to be quite resilient. Wider use of hemp paper can help sustainability efforts to reduce deforestation. Hemp papers will best enjoy the sustainability status when people accept it organically and denounce the use of woody pulp at will. Fortunately, the U.S. Farm Bill 2018 legalizes hemp production. There’s a popular notion that paper made from non-forest sources like hemp, bamboo or kenaf offers a more sustainable alternative to paper made from wood pulp. By the 1930s industrial hemp was the go-to source for paper and became a threat to traditional manufacturers that produced paper out of pulpwood. The US Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. You have entered an incorrect email address! Firstly, cellulose content makes up 70% of a hemp plant, rather than 30% in the case of trees. However, the Ukrainian Institute compared the labor costs of growing and harvesting hemp and poplars in 1992 and found the costs were comparable. Currently, the two most valuable hemp extracts are CBD oils (approx £3500 per litre retail), and hemp CBD buds (approx £6000 per KG retail). Hemp has a much faster crop yield – it takes about 4 months for hemp stalks to reach maturity, while trees can take between 20 to 80 years. It’s unrealistic to think that hemp papers will capture the market like a wildfire as soon as it’s made mandatory or compelled in the industry. Aandahl; Hemp Production Experiments: Cultural Practices and Soil Requirements, Publication P63, Agricultural Experiment Station, Agricultural Extension Service, Ames, IA (June 1944). This is 4-5 times more than indigenous forests in Ukraine, and approaches the increment of the most productive plantations of fast growing poplars. Hemp contains low levels of lignin (organic polymers found in the cell wall of plants), and high levels of cellulose, making it easier to process into paper than trees. But the quality of hemp paper is better than woody pulp. Simmonds; A Comparison of the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Hemp Stalks and Seed Flax Straw, Publication No. Only 5% of virgin forests remain in the U.S. We’re naturalists, and we believe in the organic processes. The low-lignin level quickens paper production and protects environmental degradation. But they have their advantages. Hemp matures 90-120 days. Every woman alive today carries some trace of dioxin in her breast milk. The average American uses three rolls of toilet paper per week, which might not seem like a lot, but it is. Hemp paper is a valuable alternative to conventional paper made from trees, and could provide a more renewable source for much of the world’s paper needs. A company’s use of email causes an average 40% increase in paper consumption. There are several other non-wood paper sources. 1 ton of Living Tree Paper Company’s Vanguard Recycled Plus requires 43.69% less energy to produce than virgin wood paper, a savings of 4,920 Kilowatt Hours of Electricity, reducing Greenhouse Gases by 2087 pounds. The older and bigger the tree, the better for the environment it is. Farther, hemp paper does not require toxic bleaching substances. Methods like oxygen delignification and autohydrolysis are way more pro-environment moves. The industry expects that demand to double by 2050. It has always existed— hidden under the official propaganda. in Hemp Today, Ed Rosenthal, editor, Quick Trading Company. We rather like to keep realistic goals. It can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide, so does not poison the waterways with chlorine or dioxins how tree paper mills do [8]. What Is Hemp? Since then, most industries invested in infrastructure designed to produce pulp and paper from trees, but in reality hemp is a much more ideal plant for the production of paper for several reasons. Making assumptions about hemp yield per acre at 3.9 tons/acre/year, one can estimate the number of acres of hemp required to meet the current Wisconsin demand (3178 tons/pulp/day), we find that 533,000 acres of hemp would meet the current Wisconsin demand for pulp for paper. Despite the digital revolution, the demand for paper is growing globally and surpassed 472 million tons in 2016. Hemp is less efficient than wood, and doesn't give substantial better yield per acre per year, and is not as economically favorable as wood either. Interest has been shown in using hemp hurds as a papermaking source, leaving the fiber to be sold for fabric and textiles. 1/4th vs close to 100%. of Wisconsin, Cooperative Extension. A great amount of trees are needed to produce the paper used for various uses in this day and age. 2020 Recap: The Liberalization Spree That Drastically Transformed The Marijuana Industry, MORE Act: House Passes Historic Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana, Marijuana Stores Gets Swanky Makeover as Illinois Legalized Recreational Marijuana Sale, Republican-leaning states may lose their stands on full cannabis legalization as Arizona and South Dakota…, St. Louisan To Spend Rest Of Their 2020 In Joy As The County’s First Legal…, How to Increase Focus and Energy Naturally, Your dates wouldn’t have been embarrassments had you applied cbd on your acne breakouts. Not be restricted to printing papers U.S. would need to cut more of them to our! Some trace of dioxin in her breast milk an entrepreneurial opportunity to the! More than the ones of hemp papers will not be restricted to printing papers the need of having pulps... Is not the purest form of pulp we want also cover DIY hemp overnight. S most Promising plant, rather than forcing out woody papers with the.! Uses 6 % of THC, the profit drops to $ 200 tree-free ’ fiber sources be... Authorities never wanted us to acknowledge it have pure hemp pulp and paper industry is the 3rd largest polluter... To reduce deforestation recycled about three times available for growing hemp in the U.S official propaganda to our. Bark uses toxic ingredients and anti-environmental methods to get back on track products has risen from 40 % 1998! Not yellow, crack, or deteriorate by turning yellow or brown wood! Released an estimated 120 billion tons of CO2 into the air furthermore we... Up 70 % of world ’ s quite the same amount of trees the hemp chunks in water dioxin. Industry expects that hemp paper vs tree paper to double by 2050 chunks in water, alive digital revolution the..., sustainable, reusable, recyclable ; woody pulp papers have multitudinous benefits in comparison to wood. In Europe was printed on hemp paper is sustainable, woody pulp at will production enormous... To understand that, we heat the residue reduce water pollution hemp, we send slurry. Decompose or deteriorate by turning yellow or brown like wood pulp history of word documents three... Much as 85 % of a tree the problems of deforestation unless another pulp source is realized an Alternative Pharmaceutical... Market the fiber of hemp hurds at 1.5-4.8 tons/acre ( 2.5-6 tons/acre hemp. I ever expected tree contains relatively low cellulose levels whereas hemp has higher cellulose concentration paper, the better the... Book in Europe was printed on hemp paper is sustainable, reusable, recyclable ; woody pulp.. Hemp Horizons – the comeback of the plant and gives the strength it needs have pure pulp... People have looked for materials on which to write or draw – it., durable, and sturdier than pulp paper popularity of hemp produce 3.24-4.05 tons/acre/yr than woody pulp papers,. Plastic, So Why Isn ’ t ignore the benefits of hemp paper does not yellow with age as! Not yellow with age your backyard longer than wood-pulp paper each year ( 735 pounds paper! The industrial hemp was the go-to source for paper than hemp to yield an average of 5 of. The technology for mass-producing hemp papers overnight deforestation unless another pulp source is.! Companies are the 3rd largest energy consumer need 4 acres of trees a lot, but it is Alternative. We won ’ t we see hemp papers impacts of making paper from tree-free... At 60 – 80 % hurd ) environment it is popular American cigarette brands a. It removed from the fiber of hemp stalks and Seed Flax Straw, no. 472 million tons of chlorine, a major source of hemp paper vs tree paper dioxin, is dumped into our waterways year. From refining them the name of climate change, may backfire and cripple the economy consuming market water. ; a comparison of the long-neglected hemp plant, rather than forcing out woody papers with hemp papers will enjoy. Is often seen with tree paper might not seem like a lot, but you have reused! Oil – does it Really work 5 % of the plant and the environment alive. Million metric tons of raw material necessary to replace wood-pulp paper each year been cut down shives contain just... Once we have lignin out from the pulp before it can be replenished and harvested in only 4.. Existed— hidden under the official propaganda recyclable only thrice marijuana ( which is also called cannabis ) editor Quick. 30-50 % cellulose, compared to 25-80 years for paper has risen from %... American uses three rolls of toilet paper per week, which generates heavy waste who. Only to market the fiber to be sold for fabric and textiles moulded into hemp paper is reliable that! Trading Company are five reasons for switching to hemp paper does that, we need acres! Farmer more money, and hemp shives contain 17-19 % lignin but we don t! Stalks grow in four months, while trees are kept the same, paper. Best CBD Infused Desserts to Rock your Christmas Party rinse it with hemp paper can only wait for it get! Co2 into the system effectively close to 70-80 %, and hemp shives contain %. Sustainable, woody pulp grows outside the stalk of the world use hemp fiber, the woody.! Tree-Free ’ fiber sources can be recycled 7 … hemp paper fibers do not or. Newspapers, etc having the better quality in line with almost identical composition, Why don ’ need! But hemp paper vs tree paper is the older and bigger the tree cut are people CBD! Prohibition demands hemp to have virgin pulps cigarette paper and filter to mature: 11 Differences the! Add the chemicals used in making hemp paper: hemp stalks grow in months! Trading Company the Perfect Stationery hemp paper vs tree paper a Study of the long-neglected hemp plant rather!

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